Linea Fix Static is a decorative foil to all glass surfaces and mirrors. Easy to use. It is holding just statistically (electrostatics). It does not contain glue. Linea-Fix is a completely new, clean, and easy way to decorate the windows. Check out wide range of designs and introduce a new atmosphere into your bedroom, living room, bathroom, office and many others. Linea Fix Sun Protection protects against sun and UV rays.

Linea Fix decorates and offers privacy and intimacy, not only at home but also in offices, shops, public buildings and many other places.
• quick installation without glue
• the possibility of multiple installation and dismantling
• aesthetic appearance

• clear glass surface
• spray the surface with water
• carefully remove the protective film
• attach Linea-Fix
• remove the remains water and air bubbles from the surface of Linea-Fix rubber scrapers for glass or with a dry cloth

Do not install Linea-Fix for stained glass surface.

KBM is the exclusive distributor of the film Linea Fix Poland.

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